Life Is About More Than Giving 

Most of us have the giving part of the equation down pat, and . . . if you truly wish to make this world a better place, then you need to recognize and develop your skills as a receiver.

When you step into Unconditional Receiving you begin to realize how we are all interconnected.  Then, to become a transformational force in this world you get to understand and step into the flow of giving and receiving.

You have been taught how to give and how to receive. And many of us have embraced the old saying that it is better to give than to receive. Let’s take a look at where non-receiving has gotten you.  Do you:

  • Feel unvalued by your family, colleagues and work community?

  • Feel exhausted and stressed out?

  • Feel as if you are on the perpetual treadmill of needing to do, give and be more?

  • Seem unable to sit still or relax?

  • Want relief but are deeply afraid to change because that might mean you receive nothing?


What does it mean to be
an Unconditional Receiver?

It means you get to feel secure, valued and loved. It means you can release the identities and habits you’ve created in order to garner the attention and care you desired.

Imagine being free of other people’s expectations or feeling like you have to work extremely hard to prove yourself. Imagine no longer having to hide aspects of who you really are. And, imagine not feeling the need to suppress what you really want and desire.

To become an Unconditional Receiver means that you can both receive and give freely. There are no more restraints on receiving what you desire.


When you move from conditional receiving
to unconditional receiving…

You are in alignment and expressing your magnificence. Your new experiences will include:

  • Freedom from fear and old limiting stories that shape your actions

  • Feeling relaxed, open and at ease more often

  • Trusting and having confidence in your ability to navigate life's uncertainties

  • Feeling your worthiness and value, without question

  • Awareness that being fully you is your purpose and contribution

  • Having increased energy and time for the things that matter to you

  • Setting an energetic standard for attracting relationships that honor, respect and value you

  • Feeling supported and connected

  • Radiating aliveness and beauty

I understand the patterns of the conditional receiver – I have been there! Over the last several years I have been studying the habits of receiving, and I’m here to guide you as you learn a new way of being and a new set of habits to embody which provide you with the skills to be an Unconditional Receiver. And, remember, when you are an amazing receiver, you will be an outstanding giver!

Are you ready to begin your adventure
into Unconditional Receiving?

Let’s start crafting what this can look like for you.


Recently I had the good fortune to work with Nat with his Unconditional Receiving work. Wow! I’d been stuck in my business, and feeling like nothing was working. Since I first connected with him I’d known Nat to be a beautiful soul, yet I hadn’t realized how powerful working with him would be.

I enjoy his energy and the kind and loving space he creates and holds as a container for the work. He was able to gently and firmly direct our work, and had an unerring intuition about the best place to start. I loved how Nat was able to quickly switch gears and find the most effective tools. He was able to guide us in a direction not where I “needed the most work,” but where I would be able to create maximum momentum with the smallest amount of effort. Because of his kindness, empathy, and gentle acceptance I really felt safe to open up to him.

I trust him.

Within a few minutes of starting our session he offered insights and tools that created immediate and lasting change. Seriously--my whole life is different as a result. Now I have more ease, more flow, & more money.

While it came as no surprise to me that perfectionism was an issue, I was shocked to realize all the sneaky ways perfectionism was impacting my life. With one tool I can instantly create ease in my body and my life, and with this new perspective I am now able to see--and change--how perfectionism affects me.

Nat is really onto something big with his Unconditional Receiving work. I am grateful for our session together, and would heartily recommend Nat to anyone wanting to receive more--of anything--into their life. My life is better, and as an added bonus I’m better able to serve my clients. Thank you Nat!

- Heather Clark,