We come into the world with our own light and brilliance, whole and who we’re meant to be.

And then life throws things at us and we handle them as best we can. As we move through our childhoods, we take on personalities and habits that tend to dim our light, that distance us from who we really are, and what we really want. These patterns set, and we live within their limits without even realizing it.

This new default setting becomes the lens through which we see ourselves and what's possible in the our lives. It's limiting.

For example, if you’ve settled into a belief that your value is connected to your output, and that you need to work hard for that output, you will be caught in a constant cycle of doing more and trying harder so you can get to that place where you will finally be happy, finally be enough. But you never get there, and so you keep trying, looking for the next thing that will work, getting more frustrated, angry, anxious, exhausted, resentful every day.

The problem is that your new default programming is essentially set up for you to fail. If you are operating on, “You’ll never be enough,” then you’ll never feel enough, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you achieve.

If you want more fulfillment, vitality, love, joy and magic in your life, you need to reconnect with your basic wholeness, your true essence... your Magnificence. 

The more time you spend experiencing your Magnificent essence, you start to see yourself differently. Your actions, thoughts and circumstances become aligned with who you truly are and what you truly care about. When all is in alignment with you, you feel alive and connected.

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Working with Nat changed my life in ways I never expected. When I hired Nat, I was a successful, overwhelmed, and unhappy entrepreneur. Working with him helped me to develop skills I needed to manage my emotions and energy so that I could create what I truly desired from life. The tools and lessons learned through Nat’s coaching have supported me in getting to who I really am and what I truly want out of my life. I have tremendously increased my self awareness and found the life balance I was so desperate for. The increased consciousness in me has opened up the door to healthier relationships, a stronger business and most importantly a more authentic and joyful me. Thank you Nat for creating a safe space to sort through all the beliefs that were stopping me from living my life in pure bliss."  - Julie Mele


"...What distinguishes Nat from other gurus is that he shows you how to be your own guide, how to develop a daily toolbox that’s unique to you and your path. He doesn’t have a gimmick or a one-size-fits-all program. He draws from many traditions, ancient and modern, and works with fundamental principles of wisdom and living. I knew right off the bat that I’d learn a lot from him. And I continue to. And now you can, too!” - Josh Conway