You're invited to...


A 4-week virtual program that will allow you to stop starving
yourself emotionally and give you the energy and nurturing
to make everything else work better

Get from burnt-out to blissed out in 4 weeks

Starting Tuesday, January 30, 2018

  • Do you feel like you're a mover and shaker, a caregiver, a doer-of-what-needs-to-get-done, but have a hard time taking time for yourself?
  • Do you absolutely know that taking care of yourself is essential - but at the same time you continually push yourself to get one more thing done, so you end up feeling burnt out, wiped out and resentful?
  • Does the worry of being judged as lazy or unproductive prevent you from actually relaxing? Or do you ever worry that something will go wrong while you take time for yourself and that you'll be a bad business owner (and/or parent)?

There's a GREAT reason why all of these things are happening—it’s because you’ve been conditioned since birth to believe that you need to be someone specific in order to be valued, that it's better to give than to receive, that working hard is more valuable than hardly working, and that being emotional is a sign of weakness.

But what if caring for yourself doesn't take as much time as you think? And, what if, caring for and nurturing yourself actually enhances your ability to make a bigger impact in people's lives?

This is what I'm inviting you to experience.

It's a three-step process:

  1. Come
  2. Receive
  3. Practice something tiny and see what opens up

With simple guidance and an energy transmission each week, you will develop the foundation for a new way of being - one where you're continuing to make the impact you desire in life, where you're feeling nourished and nurtured by energy that consistently fuels you, AND where you've made room for the things that are important and really matter to you.

Feel what it's like to be fully nourished and nurtured

Working with Nat changed my life in ways I never expected. When I hired Nat, I was a successful, overwhelmed, and unhappy entrepreneur. Working with him helped me to develop skills I needed to manage my emotions and energy so that I could create what I truly desired from life. The tools and lessons learned through Nat’s coaching have supported me in getting to who I really am and what I truly want out of my life. I have tremendously increased my self awareness and found the life balance I was so desperate for. The increased consciousness in me has opened up the door to healthier relationships, a stronger business and most importantly a more authentic and joyful me. Thank you Nat for creating a safe space to sort through all the beliefs that were stopping me from living my life in pure bliss.
— Julie Mele

Are you willing to give yourself
the gift of receiving?

If that's a Heck-Yeah, I can't wait to guide you through this! 


The Details

  • This program is VIRTUAL, so you can participate from anywhere.
  • We meet weekly via web or phone,  starting Tuesday, January 30, 2018 through Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 11 am - 12 pm Eastern Time.  All conferences will be recorded.
  • Each week, receive an energy transmission and a simple exercise to strengthen your receiving muscles.
  • Receive support and feedback in our private and safe sanctuary (aka secret Facebook group). 
  • 10 people max. (With this being a new program I'm offering, I want to make sure that I have the time to support everyone.)

Price: $150. 

Magic happens when we're all in. This program is a heck-yeah for me. I want it to be so for you too. So when you grab your spot, it's yours. All sales are final and non-transferable. 

“Before working with Nat I was feeling a bit overextended and depleted. I have been doing a lot of work in my business that left me out of balance and in need of some care. After receiving the Remote Energy Alignment with Nat, I left feeling more grounded than I have ever before. In fact I didn’t quite understand how ungrounded I was until I experienced this session. This is one of the best energy sessions I have ever had and I am so grateful to have been able to experience it. Thank you Nat for your wonderful gifts and sharing them with me.
— Lamisha Serf-Walls

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