You're invited to...

"The Essentials of Unconditional Receiving"

Starting March 20, 2019

Do you find yourself...

  • Endlessly tweaking, perfecting, procrastinating - and not actually releasing your creations into the world?

  • Discounting your prices, undercharging and over-giving in both your business and life?

  • Filled with ideas but falling short of your vision, moving onto the next project without celebrating your accomplishments, always feeling like you could do better?

  • Unable to delegate, ask for help or even accept help when it's offered?

  • Giving up your time and dropping boundaries in order to put other people's needs first?


How is that working for you?

These are patterns. Patterns can be disrupted. When you shift these patterns, the results in your business and life shift radically. You get to feel worthy and act accordingly, which means you get to expect, ask for, and feel like you deserve and comfortably receive the kinds of clients, work and income you really want.


In this 3-week virtual group program:

You’ll practice specific consciousness exercises and embodied movement patterns that move you from being a Conditional Receiver into an Unconditional Receiver.

Through this practice, you will develop the foundation for a new way of being - one where you're continuing to make the kind of meaningful contribution you desire in life, where you're feeling nourished and nurtured by energy that consistently fuels you, AND where you've made room for the experiences that are important and really matter to you.

  • We meet weekly via video conference (Zoom), Wednesday, March 20, 2019 through Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 11am-12 pm Eastern Time. All conferences will be recorded.

  • Each week, we engage in a group discussion and you’ll receive a simple exercise to practice between sessions to become a more conscious receiver.

  • Receive support and feedback in our private and safe sanctuary (aka secret Facebook group).

Price: $50. 

Working with Nat changed my life in ways I never expected. When I hired Nat, I was a successful, overwhelmed, and unhappy entrepreneur. Working with him helped me to develop skills I needed to manage my emotions and energy so that I could create what I truly desired from life. The tools and lessons learned through Nat’s coaching have supported me in getting to who I really am and what I truly want out of my life. I have tremendously increased my self awareness and found the life balance I was so desperate for. The increased consciousness in me has opened up the door to healthier relationships, a stronger business and most importantly a more authentic and joyful me. Thank you Nat for creating a safe space to sort through all the beliefs that were stopping me from living my life in pure bliss.
— Julie Mele

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