Individual Coaching Partnerships

your path of unconditional receiving - individual session

During this 60-minute session, you will understand your top tier way of being a conditional receiver and how it impacts you. Nat will guide you and share fast-acting tools to move you into Unconditional Receiving.

This session will jump start you to receiving more and expressing your worth. The session is ideal for individuals who feel stuck in their receiving and want to rejuvenate and bring it back to life.

A recording of our session will be provided.

Price: $200

By applying the exercises that Nat gave me for my top Conditional Receiver, I came to understand that really honoring myself and my own resonance in this world opens up huge worlds of creativity. This led to the birth of a project that is opening up a whole new career for me. Nat listens with a caring ear and says just the right thing at just the right moment to spark magic. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him!” - Ericka O.