My gift to you...

The Nurture Effect: 5 Days of Receiving

A free 5-day virtual program
to help you put down your to-do list and
let joy, relief and possibility flow through your life

  • Are you working hard to do everything you think you “should” be doing to be valued, loved, and live a good life, but instead feel stressed out, exhausted and unfulfilled?
  • Do you feel like you're a caretaker, a giver, a doer-of-what-needs-to-get-done, but have a hard time accepting help, support or compliments?
  • Do you absolutely know that taking care of yourself is essential - and at the same time believe you don't have enough time for it, so you end up feeling burnt out, wiped out and resentful?

There’s a GREAT reason why all of these things are happening—it’s because you’ve been trained from birth that you need to give in exchange for love, that you need to be someone specific in order to be valued, and that acceptance and security are conditional.

What if, instead of needing to BE someone specific who has a million things that need to get done, you could experience what it was like to simply be enough exactly as you are, and instead of giving anything of yourself, you could simply receive?

Feel what it's like to experience that peace over the course of five days with The Nurture Effect: 5 Days of Receiving.


With simple guidance each day, you will open the door to a new possibility of living life as someone who is able to receive and not just give. You'll get in touch with what’s actually important to you and begin to open up the space to have it. And you'll discover a framework for creating sustainable joy through tiny action steps.

Are you willing to give yourself the gift of
a few minutes a day just for you?


This program is PRE-RECORDED, so you can participate from anywhere at any time.

To get the best benefit, carve out time to listen to each daily recording. Each day, you'll receive a daily reflection and an energy transmission.

The cost is $0.00. Do plan to invest time and energy into yourself.

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