Living in the Frequency of Worthiness

I'm super excited to be offering a new workshop about worthiness. I had spent years feeling unworthy and not-enough, and having these beliefs hold me from what I wanted. I thought I had to do so much to feel worthy enough to have what I wanted. Over the years, I've learned that getting to feeling worthy is much simpler than I thought. Please join me if this topic speaks to you. - Nat


Does the fear of not being enough hold you back from enjoying your life?

Would you like to free yourself from this burden?

What most people do to free themselves from this fear doesn't work.

Perhaps you've: 

  • Tried working harder
  • Invested in more training
  • Strove to achieve and accomplish more goals
  • Set high expectations for yourself

Sometimes the fear is so great that all you want to do is hide and seek safety. You end up procrastinating, finding other socially acceptable priorities, waiting for the inspiration that never comes, complaining that you don't have time, or come up with some other seemingly valid excuse.

I've done all of this. I get it.

To step out of this fear, and start feeling worthy on a regular basis, you need to start living from a new consciousness - one that is aligned with the energy of worthiness.

When you live within this energy frequency, your old doubts and fears can no longer weigh you down. You also don't need to do and give more to feel like you're worthy of making a contribution.

Imagine no longer feeling the need to fix what you thought was wrong with you and feeling safe to be you.

Imagine making a profound impact simply because you are aligned with your True Essence

And then if you feel inspired to contribute in other ways you can. From the consciousness of worthiness, you'll be able to receive clearer guidance, be more productive and feel at ease regarding the progress of your goals.

In this class:

  • You'll learn simple energetic exercises to raise and fine-tune your vibe to the frequency of worthiness.
  • You'll learn what common triggers drop your energy frequency so you can prevent them in the future.
  • You'll come away with a daily sacred practice to stay tuned into worthiness.
  • You'll discover why living in this frequency is all you need to make the profound impact you desire to make in this world.

Please join us if you're inspired to.

Tuesday, 6/20/17 at 1-2pm EDT
Cost: $30
Location: Wherever you are via phone/Internet
Pre-registration required.

Please register here: 

“Nat, I hope I can clearly convey how profoundly your work has impacted me. Working with you has giving me the gift of knowing myself a whole lot better, connecting to my spirit and having that love for myself…you taught me that Nat!! The tools you provide are always there…I think I’ve shared with you that I feel you’re with me, if I have an off day, I hear you saying ‘chose different’ or ‘what’s good right now’, I don’t judge myself harshly. You have given me a level of support I never knew I could have, belief in myself, joy, peace. It’s amazing how it’s all come together. I can now look at a situation that may not feel so great and change the perspective that allows me to learn, evolve, be patient, and trust that the outcome will support me! Nat, the universe needs a coach like you, to take individuals to their next level of consciousness and so on!!!!”

Rose M.