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The 'Allowing Magnificence' Group Energy Alignment Session

 Photo by Michael Hacker on Unsplash

Photo by Michael Hacker on Unsplash

During these group sessions, you'll experience a form of energy work called Remote Energy Alignment Process (R.E.A.P.). This work awakens and restores a new sense of self. It deepens and strengthens your connection with your Divine Source. It helps you live from a place of clarity and sustains a sense of well being, inner peace and joy – regardless of circumstances.

Everyone has energetic patterns which are genetic and/or imprinted upon them by their family, environment, and experiences in life. People also create their own imprints based on their behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. If any of these imprinted patterns are negative, symptoms such as pain, struggle, confusion or even everyday stress ensue. These symptoms prevent you from truly enjoying and loving life and can only be permanently eliminated by replacing those imprints.

R.E.A.P. sessions help facilitate the gentle release of these limiting imprints, thus allowing more of your core nature - your Magnificence - to be expressed. 

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