Your Conditional Receiver guidebook
is zooming to you now. 


Once you receive it: 

1) Review it and identify which Conditional Receivers you are.

2) Try on the new ways of being for each Receiver and be aware of any energetic shifts or new insights.

3) Remember that you're not broken and therefore don't need to be fixed. Expanding your capacity to receive requires that you practice the new ways of being until they become a new default.


If you would like additional support:

1) The 'Essentials of Unconditional Receiving' program is a good next step. It will empower you to anchor in new habits so you will feel more at ease, fulfilled and valued regardless of the circumstances. 

2) If you would like to discuss options for partnering 1-on-1, please set up a time to chat.  



I'm looking forward to connecting soon!