Getting into the Rhythm of Receiving

Happy New Year!

I hope you had an enjoyable time during the holidays. 

It was a busy end of the year for me. While I was hosting The Nurture Effect, I was also putting a lot of energy and time into my wife, Olga, and I's dance studio.  We had our annual holiday dance showcase and we were also renovating the studio. My weekends were spent shopping for furniture and putting it together. (If you've ever bought IKEA furniture, you know how long it takes to build them!) Needless to say, I was exhausted. 

I had had big plans to organize and declutter stuff at home, get clear on my vision for this year, and continue to promote my upcoming 4-week program, 'Receive'. But that never happened.

I made a different choice. 

I knew I needed a break. So I took 2 weeks off. I didn't check email every day. I wasn't on social media much. I read books. I binge-watched shows on Netflix. And, Olga and I spent New Year's Eve weekend in San Diego to attend an Argentine Tango festival and to visit friends.

It was nice.

Of course, I did have moments when I felt like I should be doing something different, that I was wasting time, that I was missing out on momentum, etc. etc.

But at the same time, I knew that the way I chose to spend my time was exactly what I needed. The rest of the stuff had to wait.

Over time, I started to feel like me again... rested, buoyant, bright, relaxed, and at ease. I was able to be more present to Olga and others I interacted with. Then today, I got inspired to write to you, so here I am!

I'm sharing my experience with you to bring awareness to how we can so easily get caught up in the rhythm of how things should be done, how others are doing it, and even the energy of those around us that we lose touch with ourselves and our own unique rhythm - what works for each of us. 

I was just chatting with one of my clients yesterday about the energy of NYC, how it's so alive and fast-paced. If you let yourself get caught up in that energy, it will run you. You'll feel like you always have to keep moving and that there's not enough time. 

But even though that's going on, you also have Central Park in the city. Take in the image below. It instantly makes me feel calm, open and relaxed. 

At any time you can choose what rhythm works for you. Sometimes you want fast-paced. Sometimes you want calm. Both are equally alive.

Problems arise when you believe you don't have a choice... when you're so entrenched in a particular rhythm that it becomes your identity - your default way of being. It also becomes the lens through which you see the world which limits the possibilities you see for a way out. You may say to yourself that 'this is how it's always been' or 'this is how I am' or 'this is just how it works'. 

Most of my clients come to me with experiences that have made them believe that they need to prove themselves, that they have to give before they can receive, that they are valued when they take care of others, that they don't have enough time or money, or that they're not safe to be themselves. They have gotten so entrenched in this story of who they think they are and how the world has worked for them that they don't feel okay to relax and receive. They often feel that something bad will be the result (because it had happened at least once before when they were growing up), so they keep on pushing, doing and giving. And they don't let themselves receive what they really want until all the conditions have been met, which is very rare.

If you catch yourself in a rhythm you don't prefer, no worries. It's not a sign that something is wrong or that you're broken. It's very simply a sign that your current habits of being no longer serve you.

To change your experience to one where you feel like it's perfectly okay to receive and have what you want, without needing to fulfill tons of other conditions first, you need to replace your current inner rhythm habits with new ones.

That's what we'll be doing together in my upcoming 4-week RECEIVE program. You'll have the opportunity to go from burnt-out to blissed-out by putting into practice simple energetic exercises.

When you're in a state of bliss, there's no resistance. You're aligned with who-you-are and experience more ease in receiving. 

I'd like to invite you to participate in RECEIVE. You'll get to experience how tiny shifts can make a big difference, and you'll get to stop starving yourself emotionally and give you the energy and nurturing to make everything else work better

Let me help guide you to receive unconditionally, because...

You're already worth it and you matter.