013: Being Vulnerable and Authentic with Geoff Laughton

In this episode, Geoff shares how he continues to bring new passion and aliveness into all his relationships. We talk about the value of vulnerability, how it can bring us freedom and enhance the quality of our lives. Geoff also shares the challenges he experienced that woke him up to live more authentically. We end the show with 2 ways that Geoff uses to stay in alignment with his Authentic Self. 

006: Playing with the Goodness of the Universe with Jennifer Urezzio

In this episode: Jennifer shares why she let go of trying to manifest stuff and why she is having more fun playing with Universal Goodness. She talks about a decision she made that helps free her from the impact that self-judgment can have.  Jennifer also talks about how anger served as a defense mechanism for overcoming not-enoughness and what she does now to realign with her Soul when the non-enough beliefs come up

004: #RelationshipsFirst and Raising Standards with M. Shannon Hernandez

In this episode: (1) Shannon talks about two challenging life experiences that woke her up and put her on the path of living in alignment; (2) She shares why her business and life are based on #RelationshipsFirst and we discuss which relationship is most important; and, (3) Shannon emphasizes that alignment is a process, not an end goal. She shares 3 different practices that consistently keep her focused on what matters and that allow her to re-align as needed.