012: Shifting Vibration and Opening to New Possibilities with Christine Clifton

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Christine Clifton is a possibilities thinker. She’s the founder of Mindful Business Matters and teaches soul-powered entrepreneurs how to Say what they need to Say in key business development conversations. Christine is also a transformational speaker, author of the "Your Spirit at Work" guidebook, and the best-selling author of “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out.” 

In this episode, Christine talks about shifting vibrations and manifesting with her E-Visioning process, how this led to a number of synchronicities, and how this opened up new possibilities for her living situation.

UPDATE: It's been several months since we recorded this episode and Christine has now found her perfect new home in the South. It's been fun to witness her joy as she appreciates the beauty of her new environment through photos and Facebook Lives. 

Here are a few photos from Christine's adventures.

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Resources Mentioned

'The Untethered Soul' by Michael Singer

'The Surrender Experiment' by Michael Singer

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