Meeting Resistance with Love

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why fear and resistance often pop up when we desire something new or different
  • Old coping mechanisms for safety and survival
  • Why meeting our inner resistance with love is so important

I also invite you to join me for the 'Allowing Magnificence Practice' on Thursday, 9/21/17.

We'll come together. I'll guide you to create a conscious connection with our Soul. Then I support you to relax into a space of receiving and making room for your True Essence to be present. You can sign up below. 

Here's what others have experienced:

Nat, after having experienced this energy session with you twice, I must say it is was extremely delicious. I had a sense of being taken care of, but on a very deep level. My cells feel like they can breathe, and let go of what is no longer needed… to release whatever is getting in the way of me being 'me'." - Charan Surdhar

After the session was complete, I felt like all my cells were filled with a sense of self-compassion. A few days later I woke up to a feeling of deep acceptance for who I am. I felt so calm and expanded. And I felt this awareness that I have never made a mistake and that there’s no judgment. Wow!” - Annie Jackman 

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Debt-Free, Depression and New Ways of Being

In today's update, I share about my experience with emotional debt, becoming debt-free, feeling depressed as a result and giving myself space to allow a new way of expressing myself. (Audio length: 12 minutes, 13 seconds) 


If you'd like to chat about working together to allow a new way for you to be in the world, please schedule a time here.

Always come back to your center

For some unknown reason, I've been feeling anxious and exhausted lately. It's not constant but comes on suddenly and catches me by surprise. This is not normal. I'm usually quite calm, grounded and energized.

In the past, I would try to figure out why I was feeling this way. We're conditioned to figure out the problem so that we can arrive at the solution. We believe that when we know the cause, we can eliminate it and then feel better. The problem is often times we can't pinpoint what the cause is and then we spend a lot of time feeling not good.

Fortunately, our emotional state is a function of alignment. Making the decision to get into alignment - to come back to your center - is all it takes to feel better. 

When you are in alignment with your Soul, you feel good. That's your Soul's way of letting you know you're in tune. And when you're out of alignment, your Soul lets you know through feeling no so good.

One of my favorite ways to center is through conscious breathing. When I breathe consciously, I bring my attention away from all of life's stuff back to me. And from here, I can consciously relax and open up more to feeling better.

If you're been feeling 'off' lately, enjoy this short guided meditation to help bring you back to center. Enjoy!

If you would like to download a copy of this meditation, you can purchase it here.